Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Click, Read, Repeat

I've accumulated a few links in the last couple of weeks that are worth a click, and here they are:
The Museum of Bad Album Covers collects some of the worst visual ideas in music history, including some that were censored or banned, many more that should have been, and some that are simply indescribable.

If you enjoy my old-radio-guy reminiscences and old-radio-guy opinions on music, you might want to check out Radio Randy's blog, which is great.

Yet another old radio guy, a regular reader of this blog, weaned, like I was, on WLS, sent me a great essay on the Big 89, and what it meant to radio-crazed listeners back in its heyday.

The Vintage Boombox and Ghettoblaster Museum is all about, uh, vintages boomboxes and ghettoblasters, with lots of pictures from the boombox glory days and information for collectors.
If you find something out on the web that's radio- or music-related and of interest, tell me. Either click "comments" or use the e-mail address in the right-hand column.


At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Jeff said...

Check out www.reelradio.com. It's full of vintage Top 40 radio airchecks. The sound bites of old WLS and WOKY programs really bring back memories for this graying Wisconsin kid. Search for and listen to the classic WOKY cash call. Now if they only had a David Haines newscast from WOKY, circa, say, 1970.

At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Jeff said...

And if you will take the time to scroll down and look at the links on this page -- as I did not -- you will see Reel Radio listed there. Click and enjoy.


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