Monday, April 10, 2006

More Housekeeping

I do more housekeeping on this blog than I do at my house. Here's a rundown on the new links and stuff.

The red box on the right is a list of the 10 songs I've listened to most recently on my computer, as compiled by If the every-so-often Friday Random 10 doesn't provide sufficient proof of how bent my tastes are, this box should do it.

I've added some more links to the MP3 blog list also: Modern Music, which posts an amazing array of music, from early punk to the Grateful Dead to contemporary rock and alternative; and Jazz Pour Tous, which I mentioned last week, and which put up a motherlode of classic jazz over the weekend.

Because we've dipped a bit more into jazz here lately, I'm adding a long-overdue link to Poolside Jazz, an online radio station programmed by our friend Dave P., to the Links list. Also new on the Links list is Music for Your Eyes. That site features what it calls "vintage rock music videos from a past glorious age." Not videos in the modern sense necessarily, but classic TV and film footage from an eclectic mix of performers.

The links that have been on this page for the last six weeks or so are gone. If you're looking to buy music, you can still click the iTunes, Second Spin, and Time-Life links at the right. (It came to my attention recently that something like 59 percent of Amazon's corporate political donations go to Republicans, so they're outta here.)


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