Monday, June 05, 2006

We're Putting the Band Back Together

During this week in 1983, the reformed Hollies made the Top 40 with their version of "Stop in the Name of Love." The Hollies were one of the first examples of a popular group that scored a lot of hits, broke up, and then reformed to work again. Since then, it seems like every band other than the Beatles has reunited, either to make new music, cash in on the old stuff, or both. Three more are in the news this week.

First up: the Zombies, who are planning an American tour for later this year. Not that they haven't gotten back together before--Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone played together at a gig in 1997, recorded an album under their own names in 2001 and under the Zombies name in 2004. Nevertheless, anybody who remembers how astoundingly good "Time of the Season," "She's Not There," and "Tell Her No" were has to be a bit excited by the prospect.

Next: Roxy Music. Talk about bands ahead of their time--listen to what Roxy Music was doing in the early 70s to hear the roots of the electro-mechanical music of the Second British Invasion of the early 80s. They last recorded in 1982. Brian Eno, last seen collaborating with Paul Simon on Simon's new album, Surprise, hasn't recorded with them since 1973, but he'll be participating this time, too, although not touring.

Last: the New Cars, who will release an album tomorrow featuring three new songs and several old Cars tunes covered by the new lineup, which includes Todd Rundgren. I had my doubts about this project last fall, and the Cars' hometown newspaper, the Boston Herald, checks in with a review that confirms some of my suspicions. The new tunes are reportedly OK, but the new versions of the old ones, not so much. The band is touring with Blondie--talk about your quintessential radio-friendly-new-wave concert bill--and has promised a whole album of all-new material if the tour goes well. So vote with your dollars, Cars fans.


At 10:32 PM, Blogger Willie said...

The James Gang is touring again, too. Joe Walsh will be appearing with the group. September 2nd is the scheduled date in Phoenix.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger jabartlett said...

I should have mentioned the James Gang, too. Thanks for that.


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