Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Right Time

If you were paying attention, you may have noticed that Paul Simon released a new album yesterday, Surprise, a collaboration with ambient music pioneer Brian Eno.

I considered myself a Simon fan through the 1970s--I bought "Loves Me Like a Rock" on a 45, and I worshipped Still Crazy After All These Years, especially in college, when its sometimes-cynical tone matched my own often-cynical outlook. Like many people, however, I didn't get what Simon was doing in the 80s, except at scattered moments. And although I have a copy of Graceland somewhere, I never liked it all that much. However, one of my all-time favorite Simon songs appears on 1990's The Rhythm of the Saints: "Born at the Right Time."
Never been lonely
Never been lied to
Never had to scuffle in fear
Nothing denied to
Born at the instant
The church bells chime
And the whole world whispering
Born at the right time
No wonder I'd dig it, really. This blog is, ultimately, a celebration of having been born at the right time.

The mighty Jefito has posted The Complete Idiot's Guide to Paul Simon. It's your chance to get caught up, if you've been away from his career for a while.

Recommended Reading: I have been dropping in at Keep the Coffee Coming for a few weeks now, not just for the folk MP3s, but also for the quirky writing. Now it's your turn.


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