Monday, June 19, 2006

The New Bicycle

Around the music blogs, it's a quiet Monday, or so it seems. Ickmusic has an unquiet post on the Sex Pistols' 1978 American tour, which is always described as "ill-fated." Blogmaster Pete observes that the Pistols were scheduled to play Atlanta, Memphis, San Antonio, Baton Rouge, Dallas, and Tulsa before hitting San Francisco's Winterland, where the tour imploded. Pete wonders--as well anyone might--why a band like that was playing towns like those. Well, if manager Malcolm McLaren set out to create the maximum amount of good-for-publicity shock value, he'd be more likely to create it in those cities than in more cosmopolitan places that were less prone to the cultural fantods for which the American South is famous.

An Aquarium Drunkard has a track from the Mark Knopfler/Emmylou Harris collaboration All the Roadrunning. I've been hearing about this album for a couple of months now, but this is the first track I've sampled--and now I think a downloading trip to iTunes is in my near future.

Wavelength: For those of you not within earshot, my first show at the new radio station went fine last night. Being on the radio really is like riding a bicycle, although this bicycle is a lot more technologically advanced than the last model I rode. Although I strived to sound comfortable, I don't think I succeeded entirely, but I knew I wouldn't, and I'm not a good-enough actor to fake it. Looks like I'll be only on Sunday nights for a while, which is fine with me. For now, it's enough just to be on somewhere. (I grabbed an aircheck, but it may be a while before I take time to digitize it. You'd be better off coming up here for a weekend.)


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