Sunday, June 25, 2006

That's Time for Ya

Raise your hand if you remember John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band. They played a concert in Macomb when I was on the radio there--to promote the show, I got to do a phone interview beforehand with Michael "Tunes" Antunes, the sax player, and I got to talk to Cafferty on the night of the show. He'd been sleeping on a bench in the basketball arena locker room that passed for a dressing room, and asked me a question before I could ask him one: "Where am I?" Not in a befuddled or drugged-out way, but honestly, the question of a guy who got on the bus the previous night and knew only that it would take him . . . somewhere. Kelly at Looking at Them is listening back to Eddie and the Cruisers, the cult movie sensation of 1984, for which the band provided the music.

Often, the reason we we single out MP3 blog posts here is for interesting music. The following I noticed more for the quality of the writing:

Shake Your Fist takes another listen to Fleetwood Mac:
That's time for ya. You lose things (as Elizabeth Bishop said more eloquently), but with luck, you find new ones too. And if you're really fortunate, you make big loping, irregular circles and stumble back to original loves--even loves you didn't know you had--and meet them fresh.
Indie Don't Dance is finishing up a year teaching school, and pondering the stuff that second graders took home, tangible and intangible:
[E]ven when I thought that no one was learning, my students internalized such a deep respect for themselves, their peers, and their teachers.
During my brief experience teaching almost 10 years ago, I often worried that my kids weren't learning the stuff I wanted them to learn--names and dates and facts. But that wasn't all I was hoping to teach. I hoped they would pick up other things I was demonstrating--like curiosity and humor and the willingness to ask questions. Perhaps they did.

Click the links. Read 'em. The tunes are just a bonus.


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